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Custom Murphy Wall Beds


Call for an in-store consultation or book an in-home measurement

With the help of your design consultant, you will work together on a custom project that will be made specifically for your space. Your designer will ask about your timeline, budget and how you’d like to maximize your space. Together, you will review your space, vision and design concepts.

In-Home Measurements

Our team will arrange a time and date to visit your home and measure the space and determine what will be optimal based on your criteria and dimensions of the room. This in-home measurement fee is $200 that will be credited back and applied to your custom wall bed order.

Create a Design

Once the measurement has taken place and you have gone through the process of determining what you are looking for in your multi-purpose room, we will go into the finer details and have you select finishes, handles, lighting and further customizations.

A concept design of the final project will be produced and your designer will be in contact with you to present design and pricing.

Confirmation & Production

Once the design has been approved by you with your signature, a 50% non-fundable deposit will be made to begin production of your project. The timeline will vary between 7-10 weeks depending on the intricacies and nature of the project.

White Glove Service & Installation

Our designer will be with you every step of the way if you require any updates, have further inquiries and will let you know when your order is ready to be shipped from our warehouse in Quebec, where it is made and manufactured.

Upon arrival to our warehouse, we will set up a date in which we will have your finalized project professionally installed.

*Please note that installation costs may vary and may take more than one day depending on the nature of the project .

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Our Murphy beds are available in single, double and queen sizes. King sizes are available on special request.

Our Murphy beds can be either horizontal or vertical orientation depending on the layout of your room.

Use a vertical wall beds for rooms with narrow walls and high ceilings.

Horizontal wall beds are ideal in room with wide walls and low ceilings.

Yes. All Murphy beds need to be installed and mounted to a structurally sound wall.

Murphy Mechanism:

The “Murphy Bed™” Mechanism is named after the Murphy bed and is the industry choice characterized by its black steel structure, extra-strong spring mechanism and large folding leg. It is intended for residential use for all vertical and horizontal beds.

The “Murphy Bed™” Mechanism is always used with queen vertical beds. This mechanism is also optional for the single and double vertical beds.


Italian Mechanism:

The Italian mechanism is characterized by its two white metal cases, each containing nine adjustable tension springs. The bed door is supported by two retractable chrome finish legs.

This highly reliable mechanism is designed for residential use and is ideal for single or double vertical beds and for all horizontal beds.


Please Note: The Italian mechanism is not available for Queen Sized Vertical Murphy Beds.

- Supports up to 1000 lbs

- 5 Year warranty

- Supports up to 1700 lbs

- 25 Year warranty on parts

Depending on the thickness of the baseboard, the wall bed can be mounted in front since most walls and floors are not at 90 degrees. Levelers will be used to adjust the height.

For older homes, it is recommended that the baseboards stays, as it will be difficult to purchase replacement baseboard to match the pre-existing one.

A standard Murphy bed installation will cost $500 and will be installed by experienced Murphy bed installers. It will require 2 people between 2-4 hours to complete.

Due to the nature of custom projects, prices will vary depending on degree of difficulty and amount of time needed to complete. The price of installation will be determined upon the completion of the design.

Step-by-step instructions are provided should you choose to go the route of installing your Murphy bed system. Installing a Murphy bed will require 2 people and will take at least 2 hours to complete.

Please Note: Errors and damages incurred from improper installation are not covered under warranty and is solely done under the discretion of the customer.

We use a selection of top quality melamine, solid wood and wood veneers in an array of colours that can be mixed and matched depending on the look you are going for.

Standard Murphy beds come in a 16” depth and can accommodate up to an 8” thick mattress.

To accommodate a mattress between 9-12”, a Murphy depth of 21” will be required. The 21” depth Murphy will have an upgrade of a library header (acts as a headboard).

Mattresses that are 100% latex, 100% viscose mattresses, pocket springs mattresses, as well as futons are not suitable for Murphy beds.

It is recommended that a mattress is ready when installation takes place, in order to adjust the spring mechanism to the appropriate tensions.

Yes. Sheets, a thin blanket and standard pillows will not be a problem when opening and closing your Murphy bed.

With over 250 storage units, 25 melamine and 20 wood veneer finishes, LED lighting, upholstered headboards, sofa options, and 20+ models to choose from, your options are almost endless.

Depending on the scope of the project, time will vary between 5-10 weeks. Your designer will keep you up to date with progress and expected timelines.

It is recommended that a mattress is ready prior to installation, as the spring mechanism requires adjustment based on the weight of the mattress once installed.