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Manhattan Sleep Chest



Turn any room into a guest room with the elegant styled sleep chest. This murphy bed alternative, is free standing and doesn't need professional installation. Quickly transforms in 30 seconds from a cabinet to a bed that can be used daily. Perfect for anyone looking to save space without sacficing comfort. Can be used in any room in the house from small condos and apartments to spare bedrooms in a suburban home. The sleep chest comes with a large storage drawer for pillows and bedding, so you're ready for guests in a flash.

+ Roomy 9" storage drawer
+ Modern Design esthetics
+ Quick and easy assembly
+ Tri-fold standard sized mattress
+ Can be used as an every day bed
+ Turns any room into a guest room

closed     58" W x 23.23" D x 37.5" H
open       58" W x 74" D x 37.5" H            

closed     64" W x 23.23" D x 40.5" H
open       64" W x 80" D x 40.5" H        

Includes standard sized tri-fold mattress, regular sheets can be used.

Make sure it fits! See our guide on how to measure.

Made to order, arrives in 6-8 weeks

  • Engineered construction
  • Built to last and durable for every day use
  • Hand-picked premium wood veneers
  • Supports up to 500lbs
  • 6" Tri-fold HR memory foam mattress
  • 4" of HR base foam, 2" of memory foam
  • Total Weight: 250lbs